The full production system has inspection, laser cutting, and post-processing systems. Incoming. Any combination of these systems can be integrated into your production system. This is a fully automated production process that requires minimal human interaction once in operation. An operator will load the tray with blank tubes and pick up finished filter tubes once ready. The production machine is automated by a programmable logic controller and the tubes are conveyed from system to system by a robotic arm.

Laser Cutting System

The laser cutting system is the primary process of the production machine. A single or double laser cutting system option is offered. A double laser system allows you to double your throughput while maintaining the same footprint. The type of laser selected will be based on the material and specifications of the filter tube. The laser cutting system is designed for precise and high-speed cutting in order to maximize quality and throughput.

Inspection System

The inspection system will perform two separate operations, incoming inspection of blank tubes entering the system and outgoing inspection of finished tubes leaving the system. Incoming tubes must be within a specified roundness and straightness to ensure a successful cut. All finished tubes are inspected to ensure it is within the required cut specifications. The purpose of the inspection system is to guarantee the quality of the product and provide accurate results of each completed tube.

Incoming Inspection

The incoming inspection is the first step of the production process. This system is used to inspect all incoming tubes before moving to the next stage of the operation, the laser cutting system. All tubes are inspected for roundness and straightness and are critical to the success of the cutting process. When a tube is found to be within the specified tolerance, it is accepted and moves to the laser cutting system and the operation can continue. (This process uses an optical micrometer which scans the surface of the tube to check for defects and ensure the quality of all incoming tubes.) The optical micrometer is accurate to ±2 μm. A green-LED light is emitted as a collimated beam to measure the diameter. This is an important step in the process to ensure success and quality of the cutting process.

Outgoing Inspection

The outgoing inspection is the final step of the production process. This system is used to inspect all outgoing tubes before being sent to the completed tray. This system inspects the cut tube and records the average length and width of each slot and calculates the porosity of each finished tube. Tubes that meet the required specifications go to the completed tray where they are picked up and prepared for packaging and shipping. This system utilizes an industrial quality control machine vision with a high-speed camera and a 200x microscopic zoom lens for final inspection. The machine vision processes multiple measurements and concludes with a pass or fail grade. This inspection is for quality control of the product to ensure that all tubes are within the specifications of the customer.


Post-Processing offers a variety of options:
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Rinse Cleaning
  • Drying Units
  • Extensive Cleaning as needed
  • Electropolish Tank