Spectubular Technologies was founded in 2021 as a division of Synfuels Americas, an energy conversion technology provider. Spectubular Technologies’ focus is on filter tube production, technology licensing, and R&D projects for our customers. We specialize in the development of customized filtration solutions that are unique to the market.

We will work with you to develop a solution for your process. Our primary technology is a proprietary production process for producing perforated metal tubes with slot widths ranging from 10 microns to 100 microns. The proprietary production process uses a patented precision micro-cutting process to produce filter tubes with customizable slot profiles, tube diameters, wall thicknesses and tube lengths in a range of metals.

Our process is capable of producing the most cutting-edge perforated metals tubes found anywhere in the market for some of the most demanding applications. The filtration technology was developed and has been successfully deployed for catalyst recovery in the Fischer–Tropsch (FT) process. The precision micro-cut metal filter tubes were developed to address specific challenges encountered with traditional metal filtration technologies in the high flow, high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment of a coal liquefaction reactor.

As in many high flow applications, reduced downtime and plant maintenance is paramount. Traditional metal filter technologies such as metal mesh, sintered metal and multi-layer metal fibers have the inherent problem of poor back-flushing and clean-ability resulting in increased maintenance and more element change-outs, reducing process output and increasing costs. In contrast, Spectubular filter tubes are made from a single homogenous layer, allowing them to be more easily cleaned and backwashed, reducing expensive element changeout, maintenance and plant downtime.