We produce laser-cut perforated tubes from seamless metal tubes made from stainless steel and other materials. These micro-cut tubes have some of the smallest slots and pore sizes that you can get in perforated tubes anywhere in the market. The tubes can be customized to a wide range of design specifications to meet the most demanding project requirements. The advantages to these tubes are their versatility in strength, dimensions, and specifications which makes them ideal for countless applications.

Why Our Tubes?
Developed to address specific challenges encountered with traditional metal filtration technologies our precision micro-cut metal filter tubes are made from a single homogenous layer and offer significant benefits over traditional metal mesh, sintered metal and multi-layer metal fiber filter elements, including:

  • Produced from a seamless tubes which offers greater durability (higher pressure, strength, and temperature) and corrosion resistance resulting to longer element life and reduced changeout costs.
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance leading to reducing production downtime and energy during backwashing.
  • Reduced material content, eliminating support tube/structure and/or multiple media layers resulting in a more cost-effective filter element.


Each filter tube is customed designed for the customer depending on their application and filtration needs. The customer tells us the requirements of the filter such as the pore size, open area, and material, and we tune our process to produce filter tubes with the defined specifications. The customer can choose from the list of our tube and slot cutting capabilities.

Tube and Slot Specification Range:
Material: Stainless steel, Mild steel, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Zirconium, Hastelloy
Outer Diameter: 10 mm – 30 mm (0.4″ – 1.2″)
Wall Thickness: 0.2 – 1 mm (.008″ – .04″)
Slot Length: 0.2 mm – 4 mm (holes available)
Slot Width: 0.010 mm – 0.100 mm
Open Area: 2% – 50%
Notes: Other materials and specifications available on request.

The tube and slot specifications shown in the list above are our current capabilities and specs that we have proven experience with. This does not mean that our process is limited to this range, however testing and process development would be needed in order to determine what the feasibility of parameters outside this range. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have a parameter outside of our defined range.

Future Development
Currently, the only hard limitation is the range listed for Outer Diameter (OD). The process was designed with hardware that is not physically capable of handling tubing material that exceed a 30 mm OD. The exciting news is that we are currently investigating the feasibility of processing >30 OD tubes with the goal of eventually developing a new system. Our aim is to expand the range up to 100 mm (4”) OD, however the practicality of this will need to be determined through our R&D efforts.