Advantages of Filter Tubes

  • The Spectubular Technologies filter tubes are less expensive, durable products that withstand high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive chemicals.
  • Optimal performance is achieved with new materials, higher porosity, smaller slots, custom slot shapes, and complex geometries.
  • Filters produced from tubes are easy to backwash; minimizing maintenance, replacement costs, and reducing plant downtime.
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Case Studies

The full production system has inspection, laser cutting, and post-processing systems. Incoming. Any combination of these systems can be integrated into your production system. Here are a few case studies that will show the system at work.

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Tapered Slots Case Study

One of our customers had requested if tapered slots were achievable and if so to provide samples filter tubes for testing. ....

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CLT Plant Case Study

One of the largest providers of Coal-to-Liquid technology in the world, requested filter tubes for use in their Fischer-Tro....

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