25.4 mm OD, 1640 mm length tubes

The Spectubular Technologies team works with our customers to design and develop a customized production machine that will laser cut filter tubes to your customer specifications. This allows you to produce a filter that maximizes productivity and efficiency to improve your process and the end users results.
The typical range of the parameters and specifications of our processes are shown below.

Tube and Slot Specifications:
Material: Stainless steel, mild steel, Monel, Inconel, titanium
Outer Diameter: 10 mm to 30 mm
Wall Thickness: 0.2 – 1 mm (.008 – .04”)
Slot length: 0.2 – 4 mm (holes available)
Slot width: 0.010 mm to 0.100 mm
Open Area: 2 – 50%
Notes: Other materials and specifications available upon request.
Our process is constantly being developed and enhanced to achieve new results and increase our scope. If there is something that you need, let us know and we will calibrate one of the systems to get these results.